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Kalab Bock, Founder and Shop Manager

Kalab comes from five generations of carpenters on both sides of his family. He got his start as a teenager, learning skills under the guidance of his uncle. But while his uncle and other relatives have mostly focused on finish carpentry, Kalab discovered a love for furniture as an art form and the satisfaction of crafting a project from start to finish. He brings a wealth of carpentry experience to the role, as well as meticulous attention to detail and pride in excellent craftsmanship.

Sarah Wheeler, Partner and Office Manager

Sarah is an artist at heart, having studied music since childhood and developed her skills as a painter in recent years, even occasionally working as a painting instructor. She brings imagination and artistry to the partnership, along with accounting and business experience.

Bock Woodworking is a family business born of tradition, hard work, and partnership. We strive to provide a family ambiance to our clients and the projects entrusted to us. From restoring a family antique to reawakening a found treasure to creating a new heirloom, it is a matter of professional pride to produce something that will be treasured for years to come. 

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